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Band Logo Design Agreement – Band Logos by Thermometer Arts

Welcome to the World of Sonic Identity – Band Logos by Thermometer Arts

Introduction: Band Logos by Thermometer Arts is thrilled to embark on the journey of crafting a unique sonic identity for your band through our exceptional logo design service. We aim to create logos that not only reflect your musical essence but also stand as iconic symbols resonating with your audience.

1. Project Acceptance: Upon receiving and acknowledging the quotation for your band logo design, it is essential to recognize and accept the terms and conditions outlined herein.

2. Project Refusal: In maintaining the integrity of our creative process, we reserve the right to decline any band logo design project that we consider to be immoral, offensive, obscene, or illegal. We may also decline a project if we believe that we cannot meet your expectations.

3. Project Duration: While we strive to meet the estimated duration of your project, it’s important to note that the artwork delivery date is an estimation and may vary. If you have a strict deadline, kindly inform us in advance, and we will make every effort to meet it.

4. Design Charges: Our design charges are transparently detailed in the written estimate or quotation provided in response to your band logo design brief. To initiate the project, a 100% upfront payment is required.

5. Payment Refund: In the event that the band logo is not accepted, a partial refund policy is implemented. Depending on the circumstances, 50% of the upfront payment may be returned.

6. Usage Restrictions: The usage of the final design or any intermediate designs is restricted until the full balance is paid. This ensures a fair and equitable partnership in the creative process.

7. Cancellation: Flexibility is key, and you have the liberty to cancel your order at any point and for any reason. However, it’s important to note that the 50% upfront payment is non-refundable.

8. Revision Rounds: For logo design, we offer up to three drafts for your approval. Once a draft is approved, up to three rounds of small alterations are allowed. This iterative process is designed to ensure your satisfaction with the final design.

9. Final Files: The final file with the band logo is meticulously crafted and provided in vector EPS format and raster PNG format on a transparent background. This ensures versatility in usage across various platforms.

10. Source Files: To maintain the integrity of our creative process, we typically do not provide Photoshop project files with artwork in layers unless explicitly agreed upon in advance.

11. Rights: We value and respect the uniqueness of your musical identity. As such, we provide you with exclusive rights, including those for commercial use, to the band logo designed by our skilled team.

12. Portfolio Usage: While you retain exclusive rights to your band logo, we reserve the right to showcase the work in our portfolio and for self-promotion. This is a standard practice in the creative industry.

By placing an order and making the upfront payment for band logo design by Band Logos by Thermometer Arts, you express your understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions. We look forward to collaborating with you to create a logo that not only represents your band but becomes an iconic symbol in the world of music.


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